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Custom Speaker Console
My newly acquired limo has ample front leg room. Unfortunately I do not want to cut into the original dashboard and install TV's,receivers,GPS etc. Instead I'd like to utilize some type of floor mount to house the CD/Radio receiver, maybe my brand spaking new Cobra CB. I've hit a brick wall of sorts.

CB Radio mounts look interesting. As do police packages. Some seem a little out of the range for what I need. Anyone heard of anything that might work? A few years back there used to be a whole slue of Ford E-Series / GMC/Chevy Astro/Safari "on the floor" console options.



1987 Lincoln SVPU LSC R -#001

SVPU Build Sheet

Car Domain
alot of old samurai trucks use under dash mounted hardware! I am sure if you were to check JC whitney, and even some jeep mags! If all else fails all you need is a sturdy enough hole, make a mountable insert out of some MDF ad wrap in carpet or somethin! On second thought you might even be able to find an old CB mount off ebay that you could rig to work!

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