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Question about speaker ohms
We have a old Ford tractor with a Ford factory radio. Looks just like the ones I had in my 78 Zephyr or 81 T-Bird. It needs new speakers . I found some but, there listed at 4 to 8 ohm. The speakers that are in the tractor know have 3.2 ohm printed on them. Will I have any trouble interchanging the new speakers rated at 4 ohm with the old ones rated at 3.2?
nope,, 3.2 is close enough to 4ohms.
8ohm speaker would work as well just wouldnt be quite as loud.
The ohm rating of a speaker refers to the static electrical resistance of the speaker but that changes with frequency so it may be 1000k ohms at 10,000hz and 2ohms at 30hz..
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