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can anyone give me a couple of systems with an mp3 player that are half way decent? dont know much about them, thanks
Steve McQueens got nothing on me


1990 MARK VII ., 347 stroker


4:10 gears

pro mac chamber bx w/ dumps

BBK cai
Jamie - You can get a decent headunit with an input jack on the front. Circuit city has them cheap. Stick with a sony unit or if you want to splurge go for an alpine deck.

And no, i havent done the rear bags, Tongue. When funding is a bit better.
2008 Mustang GT

Acquired 3-11-08 with 4 Miles

Best ET, 13.4 @ 105.04 Mph Almost stock!

2.1 sec 60 FT

New mods:

JLT tune/CAI

Steeda Tri-ax STS

1991 Lincoln town car


Acquired 1-22-09

1992 Lincoln town car (given to dad)

104k Acquired 8-24-08

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