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Cars & Concepts GTC body kit
Quote:You know it!

Hell, I still have to get that damn thing reproduced so that I can spread the GTC love!

Now that I've got a 5 speed and a 351w the MACHVII is getting closer and closer to being a proper GTC replica everyday (only with a LOT of extra goodies that the GTC was lacking)! Then there are the other modifications on the way Confusedhifty: ...


Murderously Yours,


ahh yes, The BEAST, I need to take a ride in it again after all the tuning, even right after you guys were done it threw me into the passenger seat with quite force.. hehe

88 Bill Blass

2 chamber Flowmaster mufflers.


Magnaflow Mufflers and 2 cat H-pipe, MAC Cold Air Induction, MSD 6AL Ignition, T/C Front Sway Bar, Addco #415G Rear.

[Image: 1219234537.png]
yep. I'm in.
This is it.

$650 is dirt cheap, all you shit talkers better get your wallets out.

[Image: 96LSC-sig2.jpg]

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (Bright Toreader Red on Black)

1991 Lincoln Mark VII LSC (RIP 1991-2004 <3)

I am not interested, I rather make my own. However I just wanted to say that I really hope that someone does it, because the linc community needs more of a choice then that ugly kit that is currently ont he market.
Space for rent
Quote:ahh yes, The BEAST, I need to take a ride in it again after all the tuning, even right after you guys were done it threw me into the passenger seat with quite force.. hehe

Get your ass down here, Daddy!

Life is good sometimes...

Murderously Yours,

MACH VII 1992 LSC-R #004

351w, T5Z 5-speed, Cobra intake, 65mm throttle body, Custom built Gromm Racing AFR 185’s, E303 cam, Crane 1.6 roller rockers, BBK Headers, Converted to Mass Air, cold air kit, 75mm Mass Air Sensor, 42lb injectors, under drive pulley set, electric fan, 9mm plug wires, 190 LPH Fuel Pump, 1 5/16" front sway bar, 7/8" rear sway bar, MM sub frame connectors, caster camber plates, Panhard Bar, Bassani stainless steel X-pipe, Dynomax ultraflow mufflers, 2.5" exhaust, SN95 conversion with 13" slotted and cross drilled rotors, Braided steel brake lines, 3.73 gears, black powder coated 17x9 Cobra R rims, BF Goodrich G-Force KDWS T/A Radials (245/45ZR17 - front / 275-40ZR17 - rear)


How many buyers does he need to do it?

Are/Have you posted on any of the other linc sites?

Mmmmm... GTC :crossed:
97 LSC - blk/blk, Sniper Tuned, 13"cobra brakes, 05+ staggered saleen wheels, hubswapped, kybs, ss shock mounts, ss brake lines, JMOD, 4.10s, eaton truetrac, 8000k hid's, spider valve v3, x pipe, 3rd cat deleted, lms muffs, air silencer delete, k&n, 160* Tstat & MUCH More.
SHIT I'm IN especially for the 100 $ deposit and special priceing for the next 3 months.
2003 SVT cobra 10th anniversary coupe. 2.8 pulley, LFP dual pass HE, 3.73 gears, auburn posi, cross drilled and slotted rotors, mgw shifter, JLT CAI, Fiore Clutch accessories. stock clutch. MAC 2.5 inch catless H pipe, MAC 3 inch catback. Tuned by Tony G at HP Performance. 487 RWHP and 509 RWTQ

1989 lincoln mark vii LSC kenne bell 2.2 L blowzilla @ 10 PSI w/ P&P GT 40 lower intake, MSD 6al, flexalite 175, 73mm C&L MAF conversion with A9L, 38 lb injectors, holley AFPR, 255 LPH pump, eliminator scoop, PA performance 200 amp alt, TCI Streetfighter AOD, flowtech headers, 2.5 inch catless H pipe, 2.5 inch Flowmaster 2 chamber 40 series catback w/ NickT pipes, 12.901 @ 108 stock 3.27 -died of heart failure
I am interested, but would need more solidified information. I am going to be gone from March-August, so I won't be around when this is supposed to go down. But if you can get a deadline for payment, a delivery date, and a set price, than I can get something together and probably get it all worked out.
2005 LS V8: Intake, exhaust, tune, tint, 18" Ultraleggeras.

(SOLD 07/09) 1992 Mark VII LSC SE: FR500's, KYB's, Kenny Brown C/C plates, subframe connectors, 4.10's, 190lph fuel pump, smog delete, U/D pulleys
I just got off the phone with Mike at Professional Fiberglass. He estimates tooling cost at 9-12K. We are going to need financial support for this. The end kit should be around $900-1000 according to him.

Also we are going to need a kit. I know there have been volunteers in the past, so now is the time to step up.

Let's do this: email me if you are interested in putting a down payment on this kit. It is time to really figure out who has the money and is willing to spend it. It sounds like we will need 15 people to get this thing off the ground. [email]turfscape<at>[/email] please include name and phone # as well as your screen name.

Let me say this: we have tried before to make this happen and it has fallen flat. This may very well be our best and last chance to make this happen. Mike is the producer of the original kit. He knows what he is doing. He is located in one of C&C's original buildings and has been doing this work for over 25 years. This will happen only if we make it happen and that will require $$$. Read carefully what I have said here. I can't guarantee pricing or discounts or anything else. Time to put your money where your mouth is gentlemen.

I'm in - only if the cost about $700... If its $900-$1000 then I'd rather spend the money on something else...

If someone here provides a kit for duplication it will still cost $9-12K for tooling? Confusedhocked: Seems high to me...
[Image: sharks4.gif]

LandShark II - LSCR#005 1985 Lincoln Mark VII - EFI 351w, Twin Turbo ----- Coming soon! (within this century)

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