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true or false!! EGR simulator
Does this work on a mark? is it worth it can it cause damage?
I got one from Disney a long time ago. I had no problems.
[Image: 550i-1.jpg]
does it help accceleration or anything?
No, it just keeps the engine light off the dash if you've disconnected the vacuum line to the EGR.
[Image: 550i-1.jpg]
why would you disconnect the vacuum line? does that keep the recycled exahust from coming back in? does it make your car run better by disconnecting line? my engine light is not on my vaccum line is connected!
When you remove the EGR via unplugging the electrical and/or vacuum line and just use it as a spacer, you'll get a check engine light. That's all that thing does is keep it off.
[Image: 550i-1.jpg]

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