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WTF? Chevy 2500HD???
Quote:There is some Chevy diesels running low 13's around here with just an edge box:hyper:

that's crazy... so I guess you have to be in the low 12's / high 11's to consider having a fast car today :lol:

I got a HCI combo I'm working on to get 350hp NA then I'll add a supercharger... screw this. Big Grin
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The brand new Duramax LMM powered GM trucks are running mid 15s bone stock. Any of the new diesels can easily run 14s, but both the truck and tuner are spendy. I prefer my old school Cummins. Big Grin
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while waiting to get a haircut yesterday I was reading
the new Road and Track mag and they road tested two new
import sedans, a civic and an altima? both sedans ran [email protected]
in the 1/4 .. in a frickin 4 door econobox...

And yes the new Chevy(Isuzu) diesels are very fast, boating freind of mine has one
with about $4000 in mods that runs high 12s at San Antonio Raceway,
a lot of that expense was making sure it was done right+reliable.
Some guys just boost the crap out of them and then wonder why they break stuff.
its his daily work truck (he is a contractor) and tows
his boat out to the lake every weekend.Be nice to have that engine in something
that doesnt weigh 7000lbs and take up two parking spaces.

So yes unless your car runs low13s high 12s
stock you are no longer what is considered fast.
2008 Saab 9-7x Aero 6.0V8 AWD 5000lbs
[email protected]
resonator delete,homemade cold air,otherwise stock
1994 Mustang Gt convertible.. stock

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14 second stock civic? That will make the ricers happy Sad

Also hyundai coming out with a RWD V8 tiburon that's expected to have 300hp :lol: What in the hell is going on? Our Mustangs keep getting heavier and heavier which makes it hard for me to flirt with the idea of eventually buying a used 05+ model. :lol: I should resto-mod a 2 door 80's Malibu with an LS6, twin turbo that, add some laughing gas and hold on for dear life Big Grin
Working on a new site:

yeah the Hemis are pretty quick.
the new 6.7L cummins turbo diesels are fast as fark. they are mated to a new 6 speed automatic and the rear tires will spin all the way through 1st and 2nd gear
0-60 is like 7.5 seconds or some ridiculous number like that (6,000+ lb truck BTW)
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Quote:a chic driving a brand new hemi jeep the other day was playing around with me in the mark viii, those things are quickkkkk.

the hemi, or the chick? :naughty:
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89 Mark VII LSC

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88 Mark VII LSC

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I was watching the new 6.1 hemi awd grand cherokes running 13 flats all day long last saturday
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03 Silverado SS AWD Whipple
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92 LSC Blk on Blk: Sold
Quote:I was watching the new 6.1 hemi awd grand cherokes running 13 flats all day long last saturday
That's quick! But for $41,000(starting price), it better do something good. I looked into them months ago and they are impressive. 0-60 in less than 5.0 seconds... Nice! I recently read about one with fairly limited upgrades which ran 12.1 @ nearly 114mph!! It was only 45* out, but hey... That's QUICK for any SUV. They run mid 13's bone stock. If you've got the money, it's bound to be fun.
87 Mustang LX coupe

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C6 trans 4500 stall.

No more street driving. Car's just too dangerous for me to do it.

Try this spot..

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