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Are subs for anything other than the annoying , thump thump to passersby? Or do they ad to rock music in you car? I didn't say hip hop or gangster for a reason.
YES, they help out alot. Make sure you get a bass knob for your amp, it allows you to control the power output of the amp, so you don't have to have the bass blasted. I like a lot of bass, for rock and rap and all that.
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Yes they work well for sound Q, not just for loudness. Let me explain some things:

The fundamental problem with car audio is road noise. In a home audio world, you can get away with small speakers, and still have good bass. Not to mention a moderate sized200 watt subwoofer will play louder then you would want to have it at most of the time. Yet in a typical car setup, a 200watt amp on a 8 inch sub wont provide enough volume to really make an impact in your car stereos sound when driving in busy traffic, especially with a window cracked (even more so if the sub is in the trunk). To cut to the point, If you want some good quality bass, I would suggest one good 12 inch sub in a ported box powered by A good 600watt amp. With a remote control for volume on the sub amp, you could adjust it to your liking. You would be suprised at how much better your system will sound.
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Ok i put subs in mine. Two 12 inch with a 600 watt amp. Initially when i listened to them they were a lot boomy. And frankly crappy sounding. After playing with the gain and frequency filter I got them so they sound nice. The Subs allow the smaller speakers to reprorduce sounds in the range at which they are more efficent. Because I now have subs, I'm not trying to reproduce the sound of a 36 inch drum with a 6 inch surface. The base sounds more natural. The other speakers are no longer being asked to reproduce such a broad range of frequencys and sound much more clear.
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nothin I love more than pulling up to red light and out bumpin some thug while playing KoRN!! lol I love thumo, and love it more with my rock!!!

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