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Looking for a used video projector
Or theator projector. I have read about people using these to project onto a sheet in the back yard etc for a "drive in" experiance. lol, sounds like fun.
How many inches are you looking to project to? I would not reccomend buying a used one. The bulbs are only good for so many hours. If you blow 400 on a used one, you could be looking at a $300+ bulb in a very short time. That would wind up costing the same as the unit was new. Now if your talking a 2K projector, that might work out a little bit diffrent. Any projector under 1,200 you might as well buy new. Buy a bulb warranty with it as well. My toshibas bulb will be replaced when it goes out, and I paid about 100$ for the warranty for 3 years. 100$ is a lot better then the 360 it costs.
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Try asking schools or possibly libraries.
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Am looking at this one.
Ok, it will probably be bid up to the 300$ range or so. Bulb life on that is atrocious at 1,000 hours. Plan on having to replace the bulb within 3 months of owning it, considering the bulb is used. Bulb likely costs close to 400$. It doesn't support 16:9 either. Seriously you would be better off buying a 800$ projector new.
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Thanks for the heads up! Iappreciate it.
No problem. If you could get that projector for under 200, and get a bulb for about 350 or less, it might be ok. You still have 550 in it, which isn't terrible. The main things against it is the low lamp life, and the fact it doesn't do widescreen. I haven't checked my projector yet, but I would imagine I am close to 800 hours. Bulb life is claimed to be 3K hours, I figure it will go out around 1600. Anymore then that and I win.
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Yeah, the bulb in my Samsung DLP 50" Has been running over 2 years now. I bought the 5year plan though.

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