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Audio help needed...45 rpm
There is a song that i want that is only available on an old 45. Is there anyone that has the equipment to turn it into an mp3 for me? Big Grin
If you have a record player, you can convert it using your computer. All you need is a cheap recording software and an adapter cable.
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ok, thanks
What 45? I love vinyl.
there not that cheap ! I have already tried to get one
Quote:there not that cheap ! I have already tried to get one

What's not cheap?
numark makes a turntable calle the TTUSB. Its a turntable with a usb connection thats designed almost exclusively for digitizing a record collection. If you have a LOT of vinyl, it might be worth looking at.
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The X has a ton of albums from the 60's and 70's.....I'll probably never get them back though. I have a list of about 15 songs I can't find in mp3 on lime wire.
I used to do it alot. I have an old Pioneer PL-35A that I used and a hitachi receiver. I used the receiver to amplifiy the Turntable signal and converted from phono to 1/8" stereo jack. Then I used some cheap software that came with my sound card and recorded it.

I wish I never sold that turntable.

BTW, If head over to , You might find somebody who can do that for you.
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Thanks, I'll try them.

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