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What is a Good Car Cover?
What is a good outdoor car cover that wont scratch up my car? Looking to spend 2-300 on one for it to protect my car from people with no respect brushing up against my ride and scratching it. Just worried that a car cover would do more harm than good. Any suggestions? Smile
I picked up a Weathershield HD Form fit w/mirror pockets , lock & key plus plastic tie down for less than $300. Although this was 5+ years ago and from what I've heard fabirc prices have went up. I will swear up and down the board for this cover. I've put the Olds through five plus years of outdoor storage. Its protected the car from sun, environmental film(debris) , water tight with snow, and feels strong enough to deal with anything. The cover never scratched the car. My only hang up is that you really have to do a great job of tying it down. Then again this is after being washed a number of times. It also came with directions on how to properly clean the cover and alter if necessary for a fixed mast antenna.

For my LSC I picked up a NOAH cover. As I remember they have a few different options. This cover did not do the trick. It left standing water and a film after a hard rain or snow. It doesn't even come close to the longevity and protection I got from the Weathershield HD.

I've seen people throw blue plastic tarps on top of cars to store(bad idea). In this scenario it seems as though the more money you throw at one of these covers the better the quality. Of course no cover is perfect and will never touch the protection of a garage.

Best of luck !



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