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'92 mark VII for sale
'92 vii, runs great, looks good (dented fender), must sell, late on rent. - $1250
pictures comming soon.
Where is it?
Drivin' fast makes me feel good, the speed of light trapped under my hood. :headbang:

Floats like a Cadillac...Stings like a Beemer!
PIcs. location, colors>?
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The Hot Rod----87 Mark VII ---- being made "Stupid fast".

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Sorry about putting up the car with no details, my brother is actually selling the car, i put it on here to help him out and assumed he was checking it.

It's a '92, light silver color, its got a dent in the front right quarter panel and one in the rear left also. the engine runs great and has comp cams 1.6 stud mounted roller rockers installed, the air pump for air injection was removed, flowmasters on. needs a new rack and pinion and there's a small oil leak on the rear main seal. the AC is freezing cold. the car is in orlando and i'd like to move it soon.

I've also got a '91 that mark i could get a front quarter panel replacement from if wanted. I'm going to go take some pics now. This car has a lot going for it. some small problems but a really solid newer mark.
i'm going to put this car on craigslist tomorrow, but i'd rather see it go to a lincoln guy. it will be 1000 on craigs list for 1100, contact me through this string and we'll work out a better price.
I'm in Apopka...get me some pictures. Maybe it's time for a turboMark.

[email protected]
honestly if you just had some pictures, it would probably sold already.
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pics im interested if its not sold already

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