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So it sounds like a symphony of crickets under my hood... The odd part is that when I spray my alternator pulley with some silicone lube, it gets quiet. Why? The pulley has no bearings (as far as I know) because it has to spin the shaft to turn the alternator. What is up with this?
Could be your tentioner pully or an idler pulley. And I have acctualy found noisy belts from just being old and glazed.
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Both are brand new. Belt is not even 1 year old. It has to do with the alternator and/or pulley because lubing it stops the noise - temporarily.
There's a front bearing in the alternator that can go out causing the chirping noise that you're describing. It won't cause any problems as far as making the alternator prematurely fail. It's just a nuisance.
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