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Supra MKIII information
So I think I might have found what I've been looking for all along. I've found several turbo third gen Supras for around $4500. Stock they're mid 14 cars, 232hp and 254lbs of torque. Has anyone here messed with them or known anyone that's messed with them? If I got one I'd like to be around 300rwhp on the cheap($1500 in upgrades). I didn't know if this was even remotely possible or not
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its defenitly possiable. i looked pretty far into them 2 years ago when i was looking for a car, the one thing i remember is when modding them. their headgasket likes to go, many people swap for a steel one before doing anything to them.

if i remember correctly you can change that gasket, get a bigger maf(many took the stock maf from a lexus v8 and its tricks the computer into thinking less air is going into the motor to prevent fuel cutoff) and turn up the boost. supporting mods like intake/exhaust will boost ur gains. ill see if i can find the website that had a ton of info on these cars.
The 2JZ engines are very stout units and respond well to mods. If you get the chance, Buy one. Try looking into Lexus SC300's they have them.
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Guy I used to be in a car club with (and I'm still good friends with) has a Mark III Supra, 88 or 89 I think. His isn't a turbo, but he's doing a motor swap, a 2JZ I believe. I, too, almost bought one several years back for only $400. My cousin had it and it was a turbo model, but the entire top-end was taken off the motor and needed to be put back on and it had a dent in the door, but other than that, it was in good shape, but he ended up selling it before I could come pick it up. Sad

Anyway, if you'd like, I can talk to Daniel (my friend with the Mark III) and see if he knows anything that might help you out.
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