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SHO beats bad driver, again!
Ok first of all I respect GTP's, I dont think they are bad cars, i know they are faster than SHOs, but I'd never own one because I see a lot of douche bags driving them, and they just aren't my style. So anyways, I'm driving home from work and this GTP pulls up along side me, I didn't wanna race so I didn't do anything - and they didn't notice i was in an SHO. So we stop at the light, and when i accelerate, they of course here the rumble v8 accelerating, so they let me pull ahead of them and start checking me out, well the next light he pulls up along side me, staring at me, and starts revving his engine. Shit, he's gonna kick my ass my car is running like piss (3 vacuum leaks and bad coil pack - which only seems to miss at idle). Well i figure what the hell, it's wet outside and i got my Kuhmo's on which kick ass in rain. Light turns green and they freaking floor it off the line and just spin like mad, i slowly accelerate and run away from them. We get to the next light, and they do the same thing again. Third light, GTP pulls up next to me, it's a girl, and she tells me this "if i hadn't missed my shift into 2nd I would gotten you!"

Wow, this girl:
doesn't know she has an automatic transmission, or she is shifting manually and i have no idea why, and doesn't realize that when you floor the engine with summer dry performance tires - and you're in the rain - you don't go anywhere

If this person had any idea what they were doing they would kicked my ass. Too bad it was a teenage blonde girl, at least she knew what a SHO was :yes:

i'll give her props she wasn't too bad looking, if i didn't think she was at least 2 years younger than me i might have asked her to pull over and talk :naughty:

Oh i also raced a 2005+ Hemi Ram, who decided to race me from a 75mph roll on the highway.

All the races i win are against stupid drivers, i raced a crappy looking 94 impala one time, and i thought they were just some hick driving a 50mph i got a nice look at their bumper (and Impala badge) when they pulled in front of me after putting on 3 car lengths. Confusedlap:
Kinda off topic, but did/are you planning on getting your cams welded?

I heard that there's a lawsuit against Ford right now since the cams on the V8 SHOs are known to fail around the 100,000 mile mark.
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hehe i'm talking with a guy who welds them, i'm hoping to get out to chicago and get this done around March 3rd or so.

If you ever see a 3rd gen (the super ugly round/all oval taurus's) SHO make sure you tell em to get their f-in cams welded, the engines are too rare to let them die due to ford's stupidity!

I'm at 127,000 miles, no failure yet, but everything on my car seems to fail just before or after i go to get it repaired (tranny blew right after flush, coil springs failed on my way up to get the coil spring shields replaced under recall - thank god i was only doing 10mph). Please god i hope my cams dont walk while i'm driving out to chicago!
buddy of mine at work has a 2004 GTP, knows how to drive it right, and beats the shit out of it Big Grin
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drive it like you stole it...
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i love chicks that do that ...samething happend to me and my friend the other day. every light on the parkway lol. except these chicks knew how to drive:naughty:
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Why do I like v8's so much?!?!
Cams welded eh? I have V8 SHO, I'd never even heard of that....only at 110,000km though. (70,000mi)

I don't plan on keeping it that long though...
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usually the sprockets would be pinned to/through the cams decided that they had this great solution and just sorta hope the sprocket was around it tight enough that it wouldnt. excellent idea, until it stops working. about 1/10th of v8 SHO's are known to have had this happen, probably 2-3 tenths have in all, and about another 20-30% have been welded.

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