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I think I'm due...
Get your coffee. No Cliff's Notes on this one!

So the other night I was bored and went out with the intentions of wasting some dead dinosaurs. I'm probably 3 blocks from home when I see what appears to be the headlight and fog light combo from an SN95 Cobra. I keep making my way to the parkway so that I can get onto the highway and notice that he's still following me.

Noticing that he's still behind me I pull out on to the park way and maintain 1st gear with the idea of letting him catch up, and the two of us catching a red light. He ends up beside me as we roll through what is still a green light. I look over and notice GT badges on his fenders, marking this car as a 5.0. I cracked the window and heard a very healthy sounding exhaust. So as I'm thinking to myself "Man, this could be fun", he gooses it. Instantly I mat the throttle rolling about 5k in 1st. I roll out of 1st and hit second. Second breaks loose a bit as I pass him. At this point since he is now behind me I decide to leave it matted while hazing the tires off. I hit 3rd, and let off soon as it hooks.

Now we're about to hop on the highway and I'm curious how this 5.0 will fare. He gets beside me and paces me a bit. Without warning he just jumps on it and I let him go to get a gauge for what it will do. He gets a couple bus lengths ahead and gets on the brakes. I'm back up with him and pacing a few moments later when we both decide to hit it. I went into 3rd sitting about 5,500 rpm. I wrap out third in the tick of a clock, hit fourth and continue. I ease out of the throttle and check the rear view. Where's he at? Oh, WAY back there.:cheers: They catch back up and I roll down my window and give them away. In return I get from the passenger::headbang:

I'm headed out to my dad's house today to return a couple of movies I borrowed from him. It's typically a very fun country road drive with some long straights and sweeping curves in the beginning with some very tight turns and varying straights finishing off the trip.

So I'm headed out and I'm on the first extremely long straight when I notice a single car off in the distant. In time I catch up to him and notice is a fairly new BMW 5 series. Exact specifications are unknown. After trailing him for a while I noticed the passenger crane his neck and body around to get a good look at my car through the rear glass. After about 15 seconds he turns back around and they lean on the throttle just a bit. Of course, I bite.

We've accelerated a bit and are traveling at a decent, yet legal pace as we come up on a blue F-150. Being able to see for miles ahead, the BMW decides to overtake and stands on it. I follow suit. Being that I had to react, I had a little ground to make up. Not a problem. Short shifted 3rd at about 6k rpm and pulled it into 4th, catching him just a moment later.

We're now traveling about 70mph and coming up on the first sweeping curve. He leans on it pretty hard, as do I in response. I'm on him like white on rice. Following up is another sweeping curve to the opposite direction. Instead of attacking with a full head of steam like I expected him to, he lets off and coasts into it only to get back on it after the apex. I typically exit the first and continue through the second while maintaining speed. Due to him slowing, I have some spare room on the tach to drop another gear - which of course I do. We're about to come out of the turn and I'm really itching to stomp on it. As we exit the curve he gets over, to (as I suspect due to what seemed to be the passenger motioning me) let be by.

Just as I'm about to pass him I decided to let out. The road up ahead has some high spots that typically would be any problem at all but as low as my car is, I would go home with some custom under-body work. So instead, he speeds off a little. We eventually regroup and then go our separate ways after exchanging waves.
:headbang: :cheers:
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Quote:Oh thank you Tanner-boss.

Quote:No i bend over quite often and take it like a man too. :lol:
:bs: +1

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