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General Autobody Under Carriage Q&A's
After 6 years I finally had a chance to take a peak underneath of my 83 Olds Cutlass Supreme. It looks as though the rust has gotten a strangle hold on the rear diff. rear end and light rust on the frame rails. The outside of the car , because of me occasionally unconvering her and waxing has faired well. Keeping in mind I spent a pretty penny on a quality cover. I should have laid out a vapor barrier underneath, but what are you going to do when the car is stored outside.

There are only a few rust spots to speak of. One or two tiny specs on the trunk , and one on the hood.

I'm not very savvy on what can be done professionally as far as the rust is concerned. A buddy told me that Line X or Rhino will remove the rust and add their linings to the undercarriage and wheel wells. To me that sounds like a perfect way to to trap any un-addressed rust within.

So would an autobody shop charge me an arm and a leg to address the problem? This type of problem reminds me of having a root canal, I would much rather have it done profesionally.


1987 Lincoln SVPU LSC R -#001

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Clean it up, POR-15, undercoating goop.

My Mark VII has had the undercarriage done in several steps, still needs more. It's so clean underneath though, that you don't hardly get dirty working on it.

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