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Help!!! radio antenna cable
I'm trying to help receive better FM radio reception on our harvester machine. The problem is the radio antenna is mounted to low on the machine and is blocked by the big metal grain holding bin right behind it. Everytime you turn the reception goes out. It has a radio with a removable wire between the receiver and the antenna. I need one that is 10 feet long instead of 5 so that I can move the antenna higher up on the machine. Because I don't know the terminology I don't know what to google out and where to find, or order one? There has to be a way! After all the made it on the first place! It just needs to be longer.

There are no TV repair shops left in my area. (Are there anywhere?) I haven't been to a Radio Shack store but, can't find the necessary cable by searching there web site.
The new one needs to be twice as long as this one.
Would something like this work?
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Humm,,, If nothing else I may be able to make something work from that. It's correct on the one end. Maybe I can just hack the other end off and twist up the wires. It's a coax cable right? I need to keep the inner cable from touching the outer woven cable? Or, can I just use a old pice of wire and get what I need to work?

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