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Spray on clear shield

Came across this on another forum, anyone tried it yet?

Seems to have a couple caveats, it turns white over time, and is near impossible to remove from trim, so you have to mask stuff off. Still, for those doing highway travel, it looks as though it would be worthwhile protection from bug damage etc.
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I had a vendor from Wynn's come in one day trying to sell us a product that they had just released. It was a clear film that came in a multi piece kit. It was cut to fit individual vehicle models and it was about 1 mil thick. It was perfectly clear and the only way you could tell it was on the vehicle was if you ran your finger nail along the paint and foun the edge. It never faded or turned white and it was puncture proof. As an example he took a ballpoint pen and had us try to puncture the film. It was impossible for me to pierce this layer of film. It was rather expensive at around $600 a kit but if you have a $6000 paint job it was well worth the cost.
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Those "claer bras" are very good now, the science is sound and they have a lot going for them and I know a few who would never go without them again. The downside really is, as you said, cost. The product above is more of a "quick fix" temporary deal, at least from what I glean. I wondered just how long you can leave it on the paint without a detrimental visual effect (yellowing etc.).

I would try it on an old beater, but I'd need more to go on to spray it on my good cars. Big Grin
[Image: xstorquesig.jpg]
I havent been able to find anything cut for the MKVII, but you can get bulk film and tools here.
I found this on ebay

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