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Mark 7 system..haha
Quote:Yeah, it's true. Caddy's are the same way. I have a loud and clear system in mine and you can't even tell it's playing from the outside if the windows are up. It's called quality construction. It bugs me when some pos car resonates with every bass note, like the trunk lid is a passive radiator or something. It's just stupid.

I am the same way with 2 12" Audiobhans in sealed box.....but MAN ONCE YOU OPEN THE TRUNK watch out!!!

I thought about porting the rear deck to allow more sound to travel into the cabin, but have not found a good spot for this with the AMP and KEYLESS comp in the way.

Kinda disapointing when the HONDA next to me has 8" and blowing the stop light out, when i have twice the system and no one can hear Sad

....on that note...i don't desire to be the bass bopper, cause frankly they piss me off....but on some days....some days......
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Couple things.... A more efficent box setup would increase the ammount of bass impact that you feel in the car, by double. Also, porting through the rear deck can be done, but you can seriously affect the sound of the bass if its not done right. In my opinion the only way to properly port a sub into a car is to use a 4th or 6th order bandpass, and run the port right through the rear arm rest or rear deck. A single 10" sub in a 6th order bandpass box, thats ported through the rear deck, would likely play louder in the car then having 2 12s in the trunk. The 2 12s might give you more bass impact though.
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as I all considered this idea, however the seat back has a large structural brace in this area as well.

I am affraid of jeprodizing structure for sound in a car that has good torque and likes curves.
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There are many ways to port through the rear deck, that wont affect the brace.
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Fabricate a ventilation system for the marks that air can come in like the air does in a ram set up. It work nicely consider we like to drive our cars fast in my family. More air keeps the amp cool. hopefully.Idea
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once i get my trunk emptyed i have a ported box with 2 old school rockford punch's. I have NO deck right now. and its still got the factory JBL 6x9's and one jbl in the door. Once i get it road ready, head unit, and new speakers are coming along with a nice set of amps for it all. someone made a huge mess out of the wireing... Hacks...
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my friend had 2 12" subs in the speaker deck of his mark vii...

i just had a ported box in mine
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