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Hi everyone!
i recently aquired my grandmothers 89 bill blass, and i had a couple o' questions. First, the stock paddle volume radio sucks! it plays for about a minute then fades from speaker to speaker then dies..i want to put another head unit in, but i dont want it to protrude from the dash. Second, the car is pretty much flawless, other than a small fade on the roof and the driver windows outer weatherstrip is cracked all to hell, where can i find that part? i know ford would be useless seeing as how the car is more than 5 years old. if there are any resto companies fooling with stuff like that, please fill me in!i definitly appreciate any info on these things ..oh and AODs do suck..the TV cable was off when i got the guess what NO OVERDRIVE!!! YAAAY!!!!!!!!! actually any info on good(relatively speaking) AOD's would also be sweet.


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