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Hey guys what is the best intake out there for a 5.0
I was wondering what everyone thinks is the best intake for the 5.0. I was wondering about the bbk ssi or ssi-r, edelbrock, or systemax
None unless you have heads and exhaust to go with it.
[Image: 550i-1.jpg]
depends what you wat to to do with it ? in way of other mods ,like heads ,exhaust,
supercharger,nitrous ,n/a each intake and mods require different tell us more.

1990 lsc [B]

610 rwhp 511 torque at 13 psi boost on pump gas,and 13psi , 150 -200 hp to go [/B]:naughty:

342, dart block,crower billet crank, olivier rods, je pistons, vortech ys trim blower

holley system max intake, AFR 205 heads

snow performance methanol injection stage 2,

areomotive fuel system,custom sumped fuel tank, f.a.s.t. system bank to bank w/wideband o2,

fulidine radiator,edelbrock water pump,dual fans

custom 8pt roll cage, ,sub frame conn., tublar k frame,coil conversion,

bassani 1 3/4 shorties, 3"mac pro chamber, 3"full exhaust

moser axels 33"s, strange locker, 3.73 gears,aod silverfox beefed trans

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