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Clear Coat Peeling
The clear coat on my spoiler is flaking off. I cant do a re-paint right now... maybe at the end of the summer. What should i do until then? Is there a seal I can put on it to restore the look a bit?
GMC Sierra
pull the spoiler, wet sand it and have them re-clear it
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This won't be a long term fix, but since you just need to bide some time, try this:

Remove what's peeling and LIGHTLY scuff the spoiler with 1000 grit wetsandpaper, degrease it well then use a shaker can of clear ENAMEL.

Do NOT spray clear lacquer on it.

That will slow it down and make it look more presentable, and it's a cheap short term fix. Good luck. Smile
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Thanks guys!
GMC Sierra
Be carefull when you pull the spoiler, there is double sided sticky tape between it and the trunk lid. You will have to pry the two apart wthout hurtin the paint or denting the trunk lid. Best thing I have found to use is a cheap, throw-away plastic putty knife like you get at Wally World. Force it between the spoiler and the trunk lid all of the way around till it comes loose. All of this after you remove the 4 mounting nuts on the inside of the trunk lid of course. When you get ready to put the spoiler back on you can get more 3M sticky tape at most any part store like O'Reilly's or the dreaded AutoZone.
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It's not that simple, at least I don't think it is....

When the clear coat starts flaking off, it;s usually because the basecoat, primer, etc, have failed, and are moving around under the clear. Back in the 80's and 90's, the problem was poor coverage and virtually no UV protection. UV would go right through and destroy the primer, which would cause the entire job to fail......

My bronco had this, and so did my 90 LSC. I sold the LSC, and re-painted the bronco. Had to go all the way down to bare metal to resolve the issue....
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