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Recommendations on an electric polisher?
Anyone have any recommendations on an less expensive polisher to make polishing/buffing up my car quicker?
My car is black, and has fairly good swirl marks from the old owners I want to get rid of. I may try wetsanding some of the finer scratches out as well like in xstorque's post and follow his steps to hopefully get rid of some of this too... I don't plan on going overboard on cleaning up this car as I know nothing short of a repaint will make it perfect again, but want it to be fairly clean & swirl free at least when I sell it...

[Image: salty.jpg][Image: ilsclogo.jpg]

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

[SIZE="1"]4.6L DOHC; chase/sequential tail lights; 20" Giovanna Dalars; 4.30 gears; FRPP Track-Lok; SCT tuned; Baumann ReCal; Addco bars; Cobra brakes...[/SIZE]

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I would suggest checking out pawn shops and finding a used name brand rotary buffer, or check out Harbor Freight for one.

I'm kind of pressed for time right now, but when my day's over I'll find you a couple links to cheaper, but decent rotary buffers.

Yeah-you'll have to learn to use one if you have no experience, but after you practice on a lawnmower or something OTHER than your car, you'll be amazed just what you can do.An orbital just can't generate the heat needed to solve serious paint defects.

I would rather see you go this route than one of the 10" to 12" orbital buffers like Sears & Black & Decker sell, they aren't good for much more than applying liquid wax.

I thought I had a couple links to $49 to $60 rotaries, but can't find them at the moment, I'll see what i can dig up though.
[Image: xstorquesig.jpg]
Belt Sander!
I had one of these;

WEN rotary buffers years ago, I gave it to Ed because I didn't need it anymore. I got a Makita 9227.

The WEN is a general purpose tool that will provide years worth of weekend and occasional detailing service, it's $79

The makita is a pro tool that will hold up to daily use, but it's around $200

If you can find a USED Porter Cable D/A polisher, that would be a decent tool for swirls too, though not as fast at solving such paint issues, it is almost impossible to harm your paint with one. It can be done, but you'd really have to try pretty hard.

The rotary CAN cause burn through if you don't know what you're doing, so you have to practice with it a bit to feel confident using it. But it solves problems the orbital just can't.

Again, a pawn shop might allow you to find a DeWalt , Makita, Porter Cable or Milwaukee rotary for less than $60 if you shop around and haggle. Try Ebay as well.

Good luck! :cheers:
[Image: xstorquesig.jpg]
I have a Kirby Vacuum which has all the accessories. One of the things it has is called a Turbo Accessory System. It's got a wide variety of household jobs. It's a sander, a buffing unit, a scouring unit, and a massage unit. The turbo polisher use's a lamb's wool pad. It is good for polishing hard waxed surfaces.

I have never used it yet, but today I broke it out and assembled it turned it on and thought this is great. The vacuum hose attaches to the turbo unit. It also came with a suction control grip which controls the amount of suction. The suction controls the vibration. Thus, an Orbital Variable Speed Polisher

I thought it was real coincidental coming across this post, I know this was not a lot of help, but maybe someone you know may own one, so ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they have this Kirby vacuum with all the works.
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Holy crap! Does that thing have a stove top too!?
No but it has a hole in the center of it just the right size, and it roasts weiners to boot.:freak:
"The only law that never changes is that everything changes"
If it dosen't cut hair, I don't want it.
Why waste my time, but if you must know It cuts hair too. Your about as smooth as chunky peanut butter
"The only law that never changes is that everything changes"
Quote:Why waste my time, but if you must know It cuts hair too. Your about as smooth as chunky peanut butter
It's all realtive. Chunky peanut butter is a hell of a lot smoother than a gravel road.Cool

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