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Recommendations on an electric polisher?
Thank you for the great info xstorque!
I have to admit though... today I went down to a friends detail shop, orginally to ask his advice as well on cleaning up this car a lil bit, and he ended up wetsanding and compounding/polishing the hood! What an amazing difference it made!!! I'd say over 95% of the scratches are gone (it was quite bad to begin with) and Friday or next week he said he will try to do the rear bumper cover/trunk Smile
I plan to get a polisher I think and try it out myself on stuff like my tool boxes etc first, lol... but am afraid to touch this black car yet, lol... Big Grin

[Image: salty.jpg][Image: ilsclogo.jpg]

1994 Lincoln Mark VIII

[SIZE="1"]4.6L DOHC; chase/sequential tail lights; 20" Giovanna Dalars; 4.30 gears; FRPP Track-Lok; SCT tuned; Baumann ReCal; Addco bars; Cobra brakes...[/SIZE]

Always flying too close to the sun!

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