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Tire Dressing
I just cleaned the tire with ajax. I kept wondering what would be a good tire dressing and I thought why not try KIWI edge dessing for shoe heels and soles. When I was done putting it on I couldn't believe how good it looked. It's used for rubber and it's water resistant. You should all try it. I won't use nothing else.
Oh by the way the sponge tip applicator will more that likely wear away, so try using cotton balls and make sure to wear gloves perferably latex.
It couldn't be more then $2.50 per bottle
One botlle is enough for all four tire with plenty to spare for a second coat
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That's not the stuff that rubs off is it? I've seen some dressing rub off on unifprms. Which really sucks with a white uniform. Anyway, the reason I ask is that if is does come off, wouldn't there be a chance it'll get on the paint as you drive?
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No! this KIWI heel and sole dressing hasn't rubbed away yet. I just put it on last thursday or friday and it's still looking good. The rains came down lightly a few times in the past few days and the shine went away, but I washed the car today and wiped the wheels down and the shine was still there. No complaints at this time. I took some Pics, but I wont have the pics developed for a couple of weeks. I'll post some pics which are long over due.
"The only law that never changes is that everything changes"
Best stuff i have used and its cheap is black magik tire wet. $3.50 a bottle and coats its up to 6 times. You have to let it sit in for a while before driving though for the best results... LAsts up to a week and a half for me through 2 rain storms.
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