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2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi hopes to fare thee well
2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi hopes to fare thee well

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New York City <a href="">may have selected its taxi of tomorrow</a>, but there are still plenty of municipalities across the US with citizens that depend on yellow livery cars to get them across town in a jiffy. That's why <a href="">Ford</a> is going ahead with this, the new <a href="">Transit Connect Taxi</a>.

Based on the <a href="">2014 Transit Connect</a>, the TC Taxi boasts a number of features designed to make the compact van appeal to discerning taxi drivers and their fares, with the most notable upgrade being a standardized prep package to convert the 2.5-liter four to run on liquefied petroleum or compressed natural gas. The clean-burning fuel options will allow operators to save on fuel costs and cut down on pollution without sacrificing performance.

A lower load floor and a new twist-beam rear suspension are meant to improve the riding experience for passengers, while the longer 2014 Transit Connect sports extra cargo space as well. In addition to the CNG/LPG conversion, the Transit Connect Taxi can also be easily modified for wheelchair access. Drivers, meanwhile, will have access to optional goodies like <a href="">Sync</a> with <a href="">MyFord Touch</a> and a rear-view camera.

Ford's old taxi, the beloved <a href="">Crown Victoria</a>, was renowned for its durability. As it's quite interested in maintaining that legacy in the new Transit Connect Taxi, the Blue Oval has gone to great lengths to ensure the new van is just as dependable as the old Crown Vic by testing some of the most stressed components. The doors, for example, were opened and slammed 250,000 times during testing. The 2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi was unveiled yesterday at the 2013 International Association of Transportation Regulators Conference in St. Louis, and will arrive at dealers early in 2014. Scroll on down <a href="/2013/09/22/2014-ford-transit-connect-taxi/#continued">below</a> for the full press release.<p><a href="" rel="bookmark">Continue reading <em>2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi hopes to fare thee well</em></a></p><p style="padding:5px;background:#ddd;border:1px solid #ccc;clear:both;"><a href="">2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi hopes to fare thee well</a> originally appeared on <a href="">Autoblog</a> on Mon, 23 Sep 2013 10:21:00 EST.  Please see our <a href="/rss-term-of-use/">terms for use of feeds</a>.</p><h6 style="clear: both; padding: 8px 0 0 0; height: 2px; font-size: 1px; border: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0;"></h6><a href="" rel="bookmark" title="Permanent link to this entry">Permalink</a> | <a href="" title="Send this entry to a friend via email">Email this</a> | <a href="" title="View reader comments on this entry">Comments</a>[/html]

Source: 2014 Ford Transit Connect Taxi hopes to fare thee well

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