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Lincoln guinea pigs wanted. This means you!

I am looking for old school members (maybe new) that still own and love their lincolns.
If you know who I am then I want to talk to you.

I need opinions on a few items I am making.
Also need people to try said items.
I only need a handful of cars.
PM me for details.


pmed you
------------------------- Dan Gilsdorf ---------------------------

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Ok I have started making shift knobs and emblems.
I have a Lincoln shift knob in the works.
When it is done I need a couple people to try them out, show them off and let the others online know about them.
Sorry for the late reply but I was not getting emails about my private messages.
I do not discriminate I am open to other models as well.
You can see what I have so far, I am open to suggestions.

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