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been a long time....figured I'd drop in and see how things were...
long time no post on this forum.....been a busy last couple years for me.  hope ya'll are doing well, and continuing in the Hot rod sleeper lincolns as always.  I've gone up since the mark VIII to an 03 cobra, went up to 700 hp, popped the motor years later.  then went and restomodded a 67 GTO....and currently I'm in a fully built 98 dodge viper GTS with a set of twin huffers....put down 1007 RWHP and 1049 RWTQ not long ago....


figured you guys might enjoy this.  currently thinking of selling and beginning a GTR build.  would love to hear from the oldschool guys from years ago.  (and oldschool Smile )  Disney, HTRDLincoln, Josh etc.  miss my old KB Mark VII still. Sad

V5.0 (now VV) 
2003 SVT cobra 10th anniversary coupe. 2.8 pulley, LFP dual pass HE, 3.73 gears, auburn posi, cross drilled and slotted rotors, mgw shifter, JLT CAI, Fiore Clutch accessories. stock clutch. MAC 2.5 inch catless H pipe, MAC 3 inch catback. Tuned by Tony G at HP Performance. 487 RWHP and 509 RWTQ

1989 lincoln mark vii LSC kenne bell 2.2 L blowzilla @ 10 PSI w/ P&P GT 40 lower intake, MSD 6al, flexalite 175, 73mm C&L MAF conversion with A9L, 38 lb injectors, holley AFPR, 255 LPH pump, eliminator scoop, PA performance 200 amp alt, TCI Streetfighter AOD, flowtech headers, 2.5 inch catless H pipe, 2.5 inch Flowmaster 2 chamber 40 series catback w/ NickT pipes, 12.901 @ 108 stock 3.27 -died of heart failure
Not a whole lot goin on here. Pretty dead.
Glad to see you are still in the game.  I think a handful of us are still here, just lurking less and less.
2005 LS V8: Intake, exhaust, tune, tint, 18" Ultraleggeras.

(SOLD 07/09) 1992 Mark VII LSC SE: FR500's, KYB's, Kenny Brown C/C plates, subframe connectors, 4.10's, 190lph fuel pump, smog delete, U/D pulleys
(06-29-2013, 12:09 PM)JoshMcMadMac link Wrote:just lurking less and less.

pretty much sums it up

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I still lurk from time to time....checking to see what became of my car.
"If brute force isn't working for you, you aren't using nearly enough"


Is there anything you guys would like to see here that may bring the community back? Is it the forum software? Or is it that just everybody moved and and these days, there's no reason to sign up for a forum like this - with so many others out there?

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