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Milled GT40 ptv Q
I have 5.0HO and acquired a set of GT40 heads (F3ZE) . I am planning on having them milled for straightness but have been considering .030 to increase compression and get the combustion chamber cc lowered. I have also have been considering Crane 1.7 RR and use my stock HO cam (still a SD at this time) Is there any PtV clearance issues milling to .030? I will be testing the cc on the heads before milling.
Milling the heads that much effectivly lowers the heads onto the block, this will alsi effect the head to intake seal. You may have to angle mill the intake so it sits flush on the heads. You may also need to check if you will now need shorter pushrods as well. my .02 cents, I would mPoill the minimum needed to make the heads flat and put your 1.7s on it and call it a day. Maybe upgrade the intake as well since you have to take it off anyway.
Thanks - I have the upper /lowers to go with the heads. Since Im not going to able to scratch up for a mass air conversion atm I was going to stay with the stock HO cam but was curious on thoughts for compression and valve clearance
You should be ok with piston to valve clearance.I

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