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Fox H-pipe- 90 LSC
Looked quickly around - Will a 86-93 BBK H-pipe fit without too many modifications on a 90 Mark LSC? The pipes I saw for Lincolns has a 2" pipe where as the Mustang is 2.5" w/o cats - or would an X- pipe be a way to go ?
yes it is a bolt in...for the most part.
The lincoln AOD is 1" longer so the rear hangers are VERY tight into the rear crossmember hanger...this can be eleviated some by pulling out the hanger slotting holes to push forward a little.
The giant weight on the tailshaft and the ring on the driveshaft are also like RIGHT in the way of the collection point of the pipe intersect.

BUT...all works with some brains.
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Thanks - is the sound and performance noticeable with shorty headers to super turbos? I have read there is a different tone Vs a "X" pipe
My only logic is the OEM has tube headers, and the stock setup doesn;t push them to the limit, so I doubt there is any performance gain with exhaust setups...perceived by your ears maybe.

I have always swapped headers and xpipe with muff all at one time...and yes it ran better, perceived anyway.  Not like I every dynoed it.

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