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Transmission issue
      Ok -  1993 Olds Cutlass Supreme with a 440T4.    Trans starts out in drive instead of 1st.    You can put the shifter in 1 or 2 and it don't make a difference - still starts in D and then will shift to OD.  Was told it was an electrical issue with power going to the trans but I can't find any fuses or relays related to the transmission.  The shift lever on the trans clicks solidly into each gear with the shifter. 

      Car had sat for a year and a half before I got it - so I was wondering if it could have something stuck in a valve somewhere or something.  I'm not a trans guy so I'm a tad bit lost.

                                                        Thanks for any help guys and gals.
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I think it is more of a stuck valve than electrical. But to find out if it is, you will need a GM tech 1 scan tool and see if the PCM is commanding the solenoids on/off.  Or the other way is to tap into the shift solenoid ground wire that goes to the PCM and see if it gets grounded to turn on. I don't remember what the shift solenoid states are for which gear you in off the top of my head.
Also, try disconnecting the vacuum modulator and see if it starts shifting properly. If it does, there is a internal leak inside the valve body.

More than likely, the fluid wasn't change enough and gunk is holding the shift valves in the up-shifted position. Its worse if the car sits for long periods. Also, 440t4's had aluminum valve body's that aggravated this condition.

Thinking about it, in 93, its a 4T60E you have. I think the 440T4's were non electrically shifted . 
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  Thanks.  I'm thinkin' I'm gonna drop the pan this week and see what I can find.
just a bench racer for now

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