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Strange suspension problem
<p>I have an 89 LSC which has a suspension issue that seems to have started after changing the ignition switch. The car can sit for weeks and it will stay at normal ride height, then if I say drive it 80 miles the rear will drop all the way down completely. After a couple minutes driving a low rider it then decides to come back up and stay. It will only do it one time unless I shut the car off at a store or something. Anyone have a clue does not sound like a leak problem to me but maybe i'm wrong. Thanks</p>
<p> I don't think so but, does your 88 rear end lift a little at 80MPH ?  I didn't think and never felt my 91's rear end get light at high speed but I have noticed that sometimes my suspension did appear high after a highway romp.   My first thought is the <u>solenoid is venting and</u> <u>sticking a little and allowing the rear to drop</u> before it closes.  I would hope a little penetrating lubricate would solve that.</p>
<p> I mention this because moisture can get into the system and I assume cause corrosion or loss of lubrication in the solenoid.  It a parked car  in the winter. etc. </p>
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<p>Or your height sensor is sticking or sending a bad signal to the computer.  I would check the boot for damage and or dirt accumulation. </p>
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<p>But since you mention the ignition switch the next fault could be an intermittent electrical short that is opening the vent solenoid.</p>
91 LSCSE Electric Currant Red

Stk. 1.125" swaybar w/ Moog Rubber mounts

Moog LCA bushings, ball joints, Inner and outer tie rods, Reman rack

E.S. urethane end link bushings on OEM links

Steeda rear lower control arm bushings

Moog rubber upper control arm bushings

Motorcraft Struts, Moog Mounts, Koni Red shocks
<p>One more thing when it is up it seems real jacked up and rides rough</p>
Sounds alot like a sensor problem I had after my ignition switch went bad. I turned my key and broke it off in there. I replaced ignition swith and fixed it but I had turn the key to far after that one time and my air springs in the back would raise and lower almost when it felt lke it!

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