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What if we could have the best of both companies?
So I am a noob but have a question. What do you guys think about putting the best of ford and chevy and even other trucks to make the best truck out there? If you guys could put your opinions on this thread on what you think are the best quirks of all the trucks you owned, I could make an imagined supertruck that could have been a reality if chevy and ford and the others collaborated at one point or another.

my pros for some:
- Great exhaust Braking system which is amazing for towing
- Allison transmissions, (in my opinion) cant be beat
- Bose stereo system is sweet
- chevy always has a great design

- COMFY, I love how comfy the fords are
- coilover fox shox on the raptor
- ecoboost

toyota -
my buddy has an 80's straight axle toyota with over 600000 miles on it. THE most reliable truck I've ever seen. I dont know how, but that kind of reliability would be great

add your input please

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