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Mark VII Headlight Upgrade
(11-04-2012, 12:07 PM)mark007 link Wrote:i knew it could be done, but looked goofy like stated. Hizhonor took pics years ago confirming it, but as the site has evolved those pics and countless info has been lost.

i wanna say the mounting tab area could be massaged alil to sink in the lights some. if only a one piece housing could made.
Looking through my stuff, I took the pictures back in 2004. For whatever reason I cannot get the pictures to upload here.
2005 LS V8: Intake, exhaust, tune, tint, 18" Ultraleggeras.

(SOLD 07/09) 1992 Mark VII LSC SE: FR500's, KYB's, Kenny Brown C/C plates, subframe connectors, 4.10's, 190lph fuel pump, smog delete, U/D pulleys

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