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302 timing
I have a 302 in a 66 mustang. All the ignition was updated with msd solid state. Really don't have much info on the motor. The guy I bought it from had not gotten much from the previous owner. Trying to get it tuned I have noted that it runs better with an initial timing set at 20* or even more, seems kinda high. Vacuum advance appears to be working. Set it to 12* initial, and the car would fall on its face when accelerating. Has anyone ever heard of one normally being that advanced? I tend to think its got some other issue going on. Suggestions?
-2007 4.0 mustang

-1993 F150 302

-1966 mustang 302
I usually set the ignition timing at 8* to 10* initial and check the mechanical to see if you are get 20* on top of that (for a total of 28-30* at 3000 RPM, vacuum disconnected). Mechanical advance usually starts around 1200 to 1500 RPM and should end around 2500 to 3000 RPM. Some racing distributors have locked out mechanical advance (because race motors with high stalls do not require that). Take the rotor button off the distributor shaft and see if you can actuate the mechanical springs and weights in it. Sometimes the mechanical weights will stick or get frozen.

Its also a possibility that the timing indicator is incorrect. Remove #1 spark plug, insert a screwdriver and locate true TDC. Check your pointer and see how close it is.
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