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Removed a bad radio install... and planning for better
In the "new to me" 86 GT, it had an okay Pioneer deck but that's about all that's good. The dude put a large 4~6ga wire from the battery to a plastic fuse box (lose in the engine bay) then used a 8ga wire to the back, into a neat distribution block. He used speaker wires to power the amps from there. He cut open the door panels for shitty cheap speakers but used crossover boxes hidden behind the carpet under the dash. No grommets were used where the power cable passed through the firewall either. The rear RCA cables and remote wire were all taped together (okay but, annoying for me to remove - LOL) but he passed the wires half-assed through the rear seat folding brackets and most wires were frayed and torn...

There was a small piece of MDF (?) board with some household door moulding attached to it. This is where the amps were attached too...

I have no clue what to do with the speakers and amps yet, other than wanting a 10" sub hidden in the spare wheel well. I do know that I don't want to see amps, speakers or anything out of the ordinary. What sucks is there's no room to play in this car. Here;s the factory sizes:

Dash 3 1/2"
Doors 5 1/4"
Rears 6x8"

I think the guy put some normal 6.5" in the doors which is why he cut holes in the panel maybe? But even if I put speakers behind the panels, the sound will be muffled by the vinyl panel (I don't want speaker grills)?

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