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Lens doctor
Hey everyone, my headlight lenses are fogged over and I have heard of these so called lens doctors. Is there a nation-wide company that someone on here has used? The local ones I have researched online seem creepy.

2000 laser red mustang gt convertible (tan top) 5 speed.

lowered and a little louder...


r.i.p. ryan's 2 Valve Terror 96 GT Sad
Not aware of all the franchises nationwide, though I assume there are a few, but locally, you can inquire to a dealership near you, any brand dealership really, and they can give you some names and probably even arrange for them to see you at said dealership. If you have a local "Pennysaver" newspaper, you will likely find some of them in there. I have at least 4 near me that advertise there.

I must ask though...why not clear them up yourself? It's not difficult, if you have a buffer and have some compound and polish, and about 1/2 hour or less...For that matter, you can achieve 80% the same result, and a huge improvement from "fogged up", by hand compounding and polishing alone if necessary. If they are horrific, you will need to wetsand them first, then compound& polish, but even that is easy...seriously.

They'll dull again of course over time, unless you spray some automotive grade (they contain UV40} clearcoat on them, in which case, you're set for years.. Otherwise, you just will need to use a light polish on them every few months, to keep them from getting really bad again. MAKE SURE A PRO SPRAYS CLEAR ON THEM TOO! They WILL dull again if they don't. If they're cheap ( $40-50) then ok, but if they want to charge you $80- $100, that better include the automotive grade clear after they get them cleaned up.

If you need a material list, let me know, and I'll list what you need to buy.
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Awesome advice as always. The best way however is the brick method.
I too, am always nostalgic for the 'brick method' Ryan...
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I wonder how it's worked out for all the people we've recommended it to over the years.:unsure:
...I'm willing to bet they'd sue us if they could find us...probably not Mensa members in the first place, so I doubt if they took our advice to begin with, they could work the synapses enough to track us down...:P

I really need to get into the headlight restoration least on the side...I can't believe what some of these guys are charging for 1/2 hour of work...
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i.m not here to defend MMMCC but they did set up a recertification in two days and did not charge anything. The new doctor asked all kinds of condition related questions. I thought they did the best they could with a bad situation.

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