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92 lsc MK7 SE for sale in michigan
fresh paint, but he had to get it wet to take the pics. makes me nervous. since my car is hidious when dry but looks heavenly when i hit it with the hose.
1979 Mustang future SCCA and autocrosser

1986 SVO sold

1994 TBird freebie, daily driver. ice cold A/C

1987 S-10 $800 buy, 49k miles, everyone needs a truck

2008 Edge Wife's Ride

1991 Black Mark VII SE money pit

-Vortech V-1 8lb,70mm TB,73mm MAF,39lb Injectors,Cobra intake,GT40P's w/ comp cam springs,Trick Flow Stage 1 cam,cobra 1.7 Roller Rockers,Mac shorties,O/R H-Pipe,50 Series Flows,Pullies,Electric Fan,MSD BTM,K&N,Anderson PMS tuner,sn95 conversion,13" cobra brakes w. slotted rotors,TC Front Sway bar,KYB/Koni Shocks & Struts,poly bushings,TKO600,Centerforce,3.73's. hopefully ~400rwhp

best to date: [email protected] on 15 year old radials. Hoping for 12's on better tires...

TKO is in, waiting on sticky tires! That should break some shit!

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