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Starting Woes
I replaced the POS cable to the starter yesterday and so doing so I now have the engine turning over as soon as I hook the NEG cable to the battery post. I used a 2 gauge cable. I thought it might be the connector to the starter being larger than the old one, but I then replaced the end with the original and same thing happens. I thought maybe the starter relay might be at fault, so I replaced it with a used known to be good relay and still same problem.
Im beggining to beleive the Ignition switch could be the problem. I need some help, Please
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is this on the MARKVII or a different ride? I had a similar problem on my 1970 Cutlass....ended up being the relay box located on the drivers front was a $7 part at NAPA and woes were gone.

if its not then idk...
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Well if this is the mark 7, the starter relay is what transfers the power to the starter. If you don't hook up the trigger wire (the wire that tells the relay to allow current through) and the starter still runs when you hook the cable to the battery, then your relay is bad. If you have power coming through the trigger wire even with the ignition switch off, then that tells you something is fubar with your ignition switch or the like.
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