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UNOH autocross club meet
some may have heard this before, but at an open house event at UNOH college the auto cross club had a meet. they let me race because i was a student at the time it was fun i ended up third behind a 600hp corvette, and a 94ish honda built to hell, but i managed to beat a audi a4, 2 subaru's 1 wrx, 96 mustang gt, go kart, 2 crown vics, nissan 240sx, and a couple other cars in my class. all in a mostly stock m7 lsc.

I still have 3 points on my license because of me racing a 88 corvette in my m7 at 80+mph in a 25mph zone. worst part is he beat me by a length.

i beat a 87 bmw 325 w/$1,700 worth of exhaust and a chip done to it, in my 94 escort GT also beat a 05 mustang GT in the escort GT.

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