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Electrical Problem
I have a 92 Mark VII and have been slowly loosing controls, The first was the AC then the Radio and now the Heat is stuck on 32 and I cannot change it. I have checked the fuses and they are all good, any ideas?
The best way to start out is to get a schematic of the electrical wiring circuits to the components you listed and see if they all share a common power or ground. Also, check under the dash and hood. Look for some obvious loose connections, splices, corrosion or bad electrical repairs (aka twisted wires with electrical tape to insulate it is common problems).
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As you look for a common power source like 78oldscutlass455 says check to see if they are all common to your ignition switch. These Fords are famous for bad ignition switches. Although most have been changed out by now maybe you got the the one that wasn't. Thankfully, if it is your ignition switch on your car it's easy to change. You don't have to pull the steering wheel. Your steering column splits in half.

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