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Damn Bugs
i do have one problem with insects. what disgusts me is that after you've polished your windshiled, they'll stiil end up with droppings and sticky dead insects onto the glass. some waher fluids won't work that well. the glasses end up with unclear finish.
at times your patience will really be cut short coz of these airborne bugs.
Well.. im dedicating the weekend to handling this bug problem.
Tell me about Micro-fiber towels.. I havent been down to Autozone..or any of the other places.. are they for automotive use? Or are they like surgical towels?? Im kinda clueless on the 'towel' subject.

And the rubbing alcohol cant hurt my paint???

I found a place on my front bumber where one of the bastard bugs hit..and pealed up my clear coat. Do they make patches for that??
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Quote:And the rubbing alcohol cant hurt my paint???

i had one use with alcohols when my driver side headlight housing got some burnt specks on it. i thought it'll end up with scratches, luckily it did not.
Rubbing alcohol won't hurt auto paint in the least. Very safe. Cool
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Im not feeling the love with the rubbing alcohol. Sad
And bug, tar and treesap remover didnt do the job either. :rant:

Any more ideas.. maybe my elbow doesnt have enough grease. :
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Quote:maybe my elbow doesnt have enough grease. :
Get a guy to take care of it for you...........................

Let the flaming begin LOL :headbang:
I cant believe I let you get away with that one?? :eyebrow:
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Definately dropped the ball. Big Grin
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PAM? Neeto I need to remember that plus you can scrape the bug particles off directly into a pan and when you cook them they will have a buttery taste and won't stick to the pan either Big Grin

I once used WD40 and those sponges with the white fabric thing with holes (please excuse the lack of descriptive words lol) to remove bugs but I don't know if WD40 on paint is a good idea though. Might not be though. But that sponge thing worked very well at removing bug shit off my bumper, and windshield... Oh and rain-x helped with not allowing bug juice to stick to the winders...
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If the 3M bra is what I am thinking, then it is a film that is applied directly to the car paint. It was originally developed to protect helicopter blades and has since been further refined for auto use. I'd definitely go with that and a professional install.
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