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88 S-10 , 2.5, 151, Fuel pump
Well finally dug into my long idle S-10 and found out why the fuel pump was working but not delivering fuel to the engine.. The stock rubber hose between the pump and the feed pipe was blown out. Anyway, I decided that it was time to put a new one since I had it apart and the original had over 160,000 miles on it. The new pump mfg recomends that i replace the wire harness in the pump area, and it comes with the wire and plugs needed to do so, saying that this GM pump had wiring issues and should be replaced.. In my instructions, it tells me to cut the old gound off of the return pipe and discard.. WTF, where is this thing suppose to be gounded at?? I don't see any problems with my current oem wire harness , as a matter of fact ,the oem harness has bigger guage wire than the replacment kit !!!,, SHOULD I do this change,, I've checked all the ends , for melting or burnt areas and the continuity. It all looks good . HELL it never gave me issue for 160,000 and would still be working if that oem rubber peice wouldn't of blown out. !!
1989 Lincoln LSC, Primax 17" wheels, 245-50-17, fronts , 275-50-17 rears, ; unitedexhaust system cat back with magnaflow SS mufflers , FMS stainless headers, stillen rotors, diskbrakesrus powder coated front calipers; MAC cold air intake, Turbo Coupe Front Sway , (GTC #14 body kit, start transformation Sept 2011) , more to come.

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