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How are you mistreating your car?
That test is ridiculous, obviously the hand wash is best if you use a drying towel instead of a water blade.

1989 Mark VII LSC

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1987 Ford Ranger XLT 2.9 v6 5 speed 2wd

I agree. Nobody washes my car but me.
Hmmm...I've sometimes used a brick instead of a clay bar ( Ryan gave me that advice and I ran with it years ago) but...that's not exactly "abuse" it?

I mean, it took a LOT of stuff off ! :P
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I've been using a water blade for ten years with no ill effects.

1996 Mercury Cougar XR7 :hyper:

4.6 - Dynomax-Equipped - Tranny Cooler - 3.27 T/L - 7-Spoke XR7 Wheels - Smoked Lights - Full Leather

Everyone should keep their [url=""]ford[/url] nice and clean, and more importantly well maintained!

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