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subs of course
i just got this dual round 12" sealed sub enclosure my neighbor was throwin out cuz he upgraded his system. does anybody know some "cheap" subs that would sound nice in a sealed box, i wanna do a little system in my moms car but i dont want anything thats gonna wake up the whole neighborhood lol

i was thinkin maybe these kenwoods with a 1000 watt amp...but ive never heard how these sounded.

any other ideas?

Matt W.

1998 Camaro Z28 procharged

547rwhp...etc etc.
If you're going to bother with doing it in the first place use JLs and get it over with
1998 BMW 328i 5 speed

H&R Touring kit 1.5" front and 1" rear

ASA AR2 17x8 and 17x9

Yokohama S Drives 225/45R17 and 245/40R17

Quote:Oh thank you Tanner-boss.

Quote:No i bend over quite often and take it like a man too. :lol:
i know to use the good stuff cuz all i use for my systems is jl, jbl, and kicker. but this is for my almost 50 year old not gonna spend a fortune on top of the line subs if she doesnt need it...
Matt W.

1998 Camaro Z28 procharged

547rwhp...etc etc.
JL W1 or Alpine Type S

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