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For when your ordinary 15" sub wont cut it..
You turn to this bad mother fucker

XXX sub
Max 17,000
RMS (watts) 8,500
SPL(dB): 89

Yes kids they claim thoes numbers to be accurate as to how much power it can handle. It has over 70 pounds of magnet... Talk about a fucking beast. I would put one in my focus, but I would have to come up with some way to transplant a nuclear reactor into the car, to power the amps that I would need to get that thing to hammer like hell. I bet its magnetic field is so strong that it makes the sheetmetal of a car become magnetic :lol:
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[SIZE="1"]2001 Mustang GT Mineral Grey



-3.73 Gears (Ford Racing)

-JBA Headers

-Magnaflow Cat-Back


-SCT Tuner

-MGW Shifter

-99 Cobra Brakes (Front)

-Russell Braided Brake Lines (Front)


-Eibach Sportline Springs

-17x9 Saleen Wheels (Chrome)

-12" Racing Stripes (Mocha Black Metallica)


-Full Aftermarket Stereo System

13.793 @ 100.97mph

[Image: Mineral.jpg]

248 rwhp 290 rwtq[/SIZE]
A kid once said "Nice Thunderbird"

He will be missed
The same company has a 6 killowatt + class d amp, that you can run parallel with another of the same amp. That means you have in excess of 12 killowatts of rms power to one sub. Talk about insanity. I bet that sub would take atleast 2 killowatts to get moving well. I am sure it doesn't have much excursion cabibilities, its suspension is probably so stiff to prevent bottoming out that you can't even press the cone down if you punch it :lol:
Space for rent
time for safety glass
1986 Mark VII LSC ...... R.I.P.
I saw a guy that had some massive Earth Quake subs. He took them out of his ride because he needed 10,000 watts to run each of them. I saw him stand on the sub and jump up and down on it like a trampoline. They weighed in at 118 pounds a piece and when sitting on the magnet they were over 2 ft tall.
Drivin' fast makes me feel good, the speed of light trapped under my hood. :headbang:

Floats like a Cadillac...Stings like a Beemer!
Mines Better, that things a piece of crap. Just kidding. I want one. how much....$$$$$
nah, you need this bad mofo...

[Image: 2703_993011143820020_mtx_460.jpg]

"This isn't some oversized cone stuck to the same magnets from a 15" woofer. JackHammer is the real deal."

The JackHammer SuperWoofer represents extreme in every way and this enormous subwoofer lives for high SPL and window shattering bass. But, the T9922 is designed for sonic quality, and high SPL, what we call SQL. JackHammers are shipped in either the SPL mode, with dual 2Ω voice coils, or as the SQL model with dual 4Ω voice coils. A replaceable cone assembly is also available, for switching between "every day" listening (SQL), and competition (SPL).

6,000 RMS, 12,000 peak music power
23" tall
369 lbs.
900 ounce strontium ferrite magnet with extended magnetic field gap technology
Carbon fiber and glass fiber dust cap with aluminum honeycomb center
Expanded polypropylene cone with mica filler for reduced mass and increased stiffness
FEA designed progressive roll spider with 10 AWG integrated tinsel leads woven in to allow for 2.5” of linear cone movement one way
Aluminum shorting ring
6.5” voice coil with 17 AWG high temperature aluminum wire in a flat wound, long-excursion design incorporating 2.5” of Xmax
Aluminum heatsink to maintain the optimum voice-coil temperature
Replaceable cone kits available to switch between SQL & SPL models without removing the JackHammer SuperWoofer from its enclosure
Also available loaded in a serious slot ported enclosure!
1991 Mark VII BB

[Image: pic0015br0.jpg]
And to power it, you need to borrow a Mr. Fusion from Doc Brown...1.21 gigawatts!!!!!
2003 Mercury Marauder

Silver Birch/Light Flint, 61K

[Image: Marauder_Small2.jpg]

1996 Lincoln Mark VIII

June 1996 - October 12, 2006...R.I.P.Cry

[Image: LincolnMarkVIII96.1_320.jpg]

1979 Chevy Malibu

174K, mostly original

"The Project" (that never seems to get started)
Most that stuff is garbage..
A quality prosound woofer will rip it to shreds in quality and output
with 1/10 the power.
In car audio its all about the bling..
That top woofer has an eff spl of [email protected]
A quality pro woofer with an spl of 99-101
which is very common for pro gear will put
out the same spl with 1/10 the power.
(every ten spl difference = 10x the power)
Lastly they say it has a 4" voice coil,,
there is no way in hell a 4" voice coil can
dissapate the heat created by 8500 continous
watts unless those are "car audio" watts. LOL..
That jackhammer crap doesnt even list an eff rating.
2008 Saab 9-7x Aero 6.0V8 AWD 5000lbs
[email protected]
resonator delete,homemade cold air,otherwise stock
1994 Mustang Gt convertible.. stock

[Image: image.php?u=20525&type=sigpic&dateline=1385997332]

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