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SN95 Front Suspension TECH Thread
I just completed my front end. As soon as I get time I'll write it up and post it. For now I can just give you a list of what I had to Contend with. The car handles like a dream...Hard to discribe!


QA-1 K-Member
SN-95 Spindles
With ABS (that works)
Mustang Lower A-Arms (modified to except Air Bag) (SN-95 Ball Joint Fits)
Cobra Brakes (13 inch rotors)
Modified Motor Mounts (cut/welded to lower engine max amount)
New Ford SN-95 Close-Ratio Rack & Pinion
SN-95 Outer Tie Rods
Flamming River Stearing Shaft & U-Joint
Poly Bushings (All)
Mustang KYB 3-way adjustable shocks
BBK Caster/Camber Plates (Modified Strut Tower)
Russell Stainless Brake Lines
91 LSC Special Edition
You are now using the mustang lower? WHy did you abandon the ball joint work?

Can't wait to see how the mustang lower ca turned out with the air ride provisions.....did you use fox or Sn95 arms? It sounds like you are doing the FOX SVPU style setup.....but I could be wrong.
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added some links, did some updates......just keeping up with it, one day at a time. Enjoy.
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Just a little something I've run across...

MM SVO Spindle/Ball Joint Adapter
Installation Instructions: MMFCAB-10

The solution to worn out SVO ball joints! This adapter enables the installation of 1984-86 SVO Mustang spindles (sourced from Lincoln) with 1979-2004 Mustang ball joints. The ball joints for the original SVO front control arms are no longer available.

SVO/Lincoln spindles can be installed on a Fox chassis Mustang.

84-1986 SVO MM Spindle adapters MMFCAB-10 $34.95/kit for those of us using springs, all we need is lower arms from a donor OR M-3075-A motorsport arms. YEEEEEHAAAAAAWWWWW !!!!

"Drive it like someone's watchin' , 'cause they are..."
Fuckin A - good find!
#16 bad they didn't go the other dirrection and make SVO balljoints that fit FOX spindles......that would make our day now wouldn't it. And MM is selling them for less than the cheap BJ's at the store! WOW.

I wonder how they made them?
------------------------- Dan Gilsdorf ---------------------------

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ok with new inners and outers for a 94 GT showing 86$
brake lines about 30$
but I am confused about the struts, do I keep the VII struts or go with something different. if so what year make and model (hate doing that considering they are brand new.)
finding the right spindle I would need someone to do for me there if possible.
and than I would just go ahead and buy a 13 inch brake kit for it instead of looking for rotors and calipers and such.
is this about all I need? I am keeping my air ride, but I want 13 inchers in a bad way.
this will all be done when I do my sway bar bushings and control arm bushings.
damn and SN-95 lower ball joints 82 $ do we need uppers too??
so over all not to bad, plus the 13 inch brake kit
13 inch kits with 4 piston calipers for the 94 GT is right at about 1000 bucks.
what else am I missing
2003 SVT cobra 10th anniversary coupe. 2.8 pulley, LFP dual pass HE, 3.73 gears, auburn posi, cross drilled and slotted rotors, mgw shifter, JLT CAI, Fiore Clutch accessories. stock clutch. MAC 2.5 inch catless H pipe, MAC 3 inch catback. Tuned by Tony G at HP Performance. 487 RWHP and 509 RWTQ

1989 lincoln mark vii LSC kenne bell 2.2 L blowzilla @ 10 PSI w/ P&P GT 40 lower intake, MSD 6al, flexalite 175, 73mm C&L MAF conversion with A9L, 38 lb injectors, holley AFPR, 255 LPH pump, eliminator scoop, PA performance 200 amp alt, TCI Streetfighter AOD, flowtech headers, 2.5 inch catless H pipe, 2.5 inch Flowmaster 2 chamber 40 series catback w/ NickT pipes, 12.901 @ 108 stock 3.27 -died of heart failure
Been a while, but thought I would run a fresh reply through here with a parts list update w/some pics

1995 SN95 Mustang Front spindle that has been tapped out to match the SVO Balljoint
This balljoint is grease zerked and liftime warrently through NAPA from Precision. They seem to be IDENTICAL to MOOG for $5 less each.
[Image: 27210135920.jpg]

PBR 45mm x 2 Front Calipers - soon to be painted
[Image: 27213554215.jpg]
------------------------- Dan Gilsdorf ---------------------------

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97 LSC - blk/blk, Sniper Tuned, 13"cobra brakes, 05+ staggered saleen wheels, hubswapped, kybs, ss shock mounts, ss brake lines, JMOD, 4.10s, eaton truetrac, 8000k hid's, spider valve v3, x pipe, 3rd cat deleted, lms muffs, air silencer delete, k&n, 160* Tstat & MUCH More.
I've completed the conversion and now have SN-95 spindles, 13-inch cobra brakes, SN-95 close ratio steering rack, tubular K-Member, 92 Mustang control arms, and a Flaming River steering shaft. I modified the spring perch and control arms to accept the airbags and cut the engine mounts to lower the engine. I even modified the anti-lock brakes and they work fine with the newer spindles.

This is a very difficult conversion. By this I mean that everything needs to be modified. It took several months to figure it all out and I almost gave up. A little help and motivation from Rusty, my son, and I completed the job. The end result is very much worth the trouble.

I've been driving the car with this conversion sense last winter and it handles and stops much better then before with only one drawback, the wheel hits the control arm on tight turns. I believe if I were using 8-inch instead of 9-inch wheels in the front I wouldn’t have the problem. I want to keep the 9-inch wheels in the front so I'll figure out a fix for it this winter.

I'll try to get this written this up in the next couple of weeks. I was hesitant to post it before now without knowing if it would work without any problems. I’ll be as detailed as possible so it’ll be much easier for you.

91 LSC Special Edition

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