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SN95 Front Suspension TECH Thread
Excelent write up.

You could cheap out and go with a V6 or GT brake too and still run your 16" wheels.
1979 Mustang future SCCA and autocrosser

1986 SVO sold

1994 TBird freebie, daily driver. ice cold A/C

1987 S-10 $800 buy, 49k miles, everyone needs a truck

2008 Edge Wife's Ride

1991 Black Mark VII SE money pit

-Vortech V-1 8lb,70mm TB,73mm MAF,39lb Injectors,Cobra intake,GT40P's w/ comp cam springs,Trick Flow Stage 1 cam,cobra 1.7 Roller Rockers,Mac shorties,O/R H-Pipe,50 Series Flows,Pullies,Electric Fan,MSD BTM,K&N,Anderson PMS tuner,sn95 conversion,13" cobra brakes w. slotted rotors,TC Front Sway bar,KYB/Koni Shocks & Struts,poly bushings,TKO600,Centerforce,3.73's. hopefully ~400rwhp

best to date: [email protected] on 15 year old radials. Hoping for 12's on better tires...

TKO is in, waiting on sticky tires! That should break some shit!
(07-02-2011, 12:51 PM)Oil_Injected link Wrote: Excelent write up.

You could cheap out and go with a V6 or GT brake too and still run your 16" wheels.

Its not that mush more just to do the 13" Cobra brakes! I love them and dont know how I have went with out them for this long. . .
[Image: th_0630112049a.jpg?t=1309522298]

1988 Lincoln Mark VII

302 5.0 L V8 (100K Grandmas Car)

*Had a KB 1.5L @ 9 lbs

30 lb Injectors w/ 80mm Mass Air

SN95 T5 w/ Aluminum Flywheel

Cobra 13" Brake Upgrade

3.55 8.8 w/ Fresh Rebuild

1986 Lincoln Mark VII

GT 40 302 5.0L V8 (Beater & It BEATS)

11 lb Powerdyne

30 lb Injectors w/ 80mm Mass Air

T5 Manual w/ Aluminum Flywheel

4.10 8.8 w/ Fresh Rebuild
great job, but the question remains, how did you tie in the ABS, if you still come around here I would like your respnse.

[COLOR="Silver"]1991 light T/P LSC[/COLOR]/ BBK Catted X-Pipe/1 5/8 short headers, 3.73 gears/Mac Cover.Blue 9MM wires,MSD dist. Cap and coil. TC front Sway Bar/addco 415G rear, GT40p heads, TFS valve and spring kit, BBK CAI, Cobra Intake, 65MM TB,SVO 1.6 RR(dyno and SCT Tune shortly.

1991 Ebony Clear coat SE/Triple Black/Built AOD-2800 TC/Pauls red trans bushings/Sunroof/Sport Seat Delete

[COLOR="Red"]1992 Electric Currant" Red SE[/COLOR]/SunRoof/White Interior(needs some work)
is there any more new info out there to be shared?

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I've searched and searched and found nothing. Isn't there an issue with running the SN95 lower control arms with a mustang tubular k-member on the Mark VII? My memory may be failing, but i seem to recall the width to be correct but the wheel was moved foreward and inch or two toward the front of the car? Or maybe its using the stk spindle that causes this? Sorry, got lots of cob webs clogging up my brain! lol

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