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ABS low pressure hose
Found what i think is the leak in my ABS system, looks like there is a high and low pressure hose on the ABS unit, 1 at the bottom of the reservoir and 1 at the back toward the firewall, that is the one i replaced, but i couldn't find the specific hose so i use fuel line hose, will that hold up on the low pressure side, and with that if the high side goes what is a good substitute. ( well that didn't last long)

[COLOR="Silver"]1991 light T/P LSC[/COLOR]/ BBK Catted X-Pipe/1 5/8 short headers, 3.73 gears/Mac Cover.Blue 9MM wires,MSD dist. Cap and coil. TC front Sway Bar/addco 415G rear, GT40p heads, TFS valve and spring kit, BBK CAI, Cobra Intake, 65MM TB,SVO 1.6 RR(dyno and SCT Tune shortly.

1991 Ebony Clear coat SE/Triple Black/Built AOD-2800 TC/Pauls red trans bushings/Sunroof/Sport Seat Delete

[COLOR="Red"]1992 Electric Currant" Red SE[/COLOR]/SunRoof/White Interior(needs some work)

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