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headers - psychopro - 06-30-2007

Dont i need to get un-equal length headers.for my mark?

headers - Dallas90LSC - 06-30-2007


headers - psychopro - 06-30-2007

ok thanks man

headers - stnknlncln - 06-30-2007

I put equals on my 88. Drivers side is a little tricky. Jack up the motor, seperate the rag joint at the steering column, drop the column and pull it back and you can put it in from under the car. I did my whole exaust in about 6 hours. Headers, h-pipe, flow tubes, muffs and dumps. All with regular hand tools. Oh... passenger side needs a small dent to clear the frame. Mine are 1&5/8 Mac equal legnths.

headers - stnknlncln - 06-30-2007

Did I mention, they look cool as well as perform great!

headers - markedman90 - 07-01-2007

I think it may depend on the year. '84-'89 will take to equals and / or long tubes fairly well. '90 - '92s have the steering column displaced by 1" due to something having to do with the air bag system.
I tried 2 different sets of long tubes (1 5/8" and 1 3/4" from 2 different manufacturers) on my '90 and finally threw in the towel.

headers - Lux - 07-02-2007

I had a 90 lsc...long tubes wont fit without swappin out the steering shaft.

Equal length shorty's fit...but requre some patience.

Unequal shorty's are the easiest and fastest header to bolt on.

headers - ND4SPDLSC - 07-02-2007

What's the equal length shorty worth vs unequal shorty vs long tubes? Do they even make a 1.5" long tube header?

Re: headers - SilverFox - 10-10-2013

I have a deal on either EQ or UN-EQ......going on a 92.  I had un-eq on my last lsc.....sounds like I should stick with it again